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Fairphone: Buy a phone, start a movement

The first Fairphone was a campaign to highlight the problem of conflict minerals and we were very proud supporters of the Fairphone movement becoming the UK's exclusive partner. 

Fairphone 2 has built on this, addressing in addition the wastefulness of consumer electronics by making many of the parts user-replaceable.

Broken screens are the most common reason people throw away their phone, the battery, the camera and many other parts are user-replaceable at low cost. The aim is to extend the life of the phone and give users more control. It’s the world’s first ethical smartphone and again, we are delighted that The Phone Co-op is the UK's exclusive provider of Fairphone.

Fairphone raised the money to build the first edition Fairphone by launching a crowd-funding campaign that was successful thanks to customers who wanted to see the first ethical smartphone happen. Twenty-five thousand people took the risk of paying in advance for a phone that had never been built, from a company that had never made a phone, because they wanted to see change in the consumer electronics industry. 

The Fairphone movement continues to grow.