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Samsung Galaxy S8 and S7 Pay Monthly Deals with The Phone Co-op

You can grab a market-leading Samsung Galaxy S8 or S7 on one of our honest and ethical phone contracts from the Phone Co-op. 

Samsung is world-leader in both phone design and groundbreaking technology, such as iris-reading to unlock your phone with ease and confidence. 

We offer a range of contracts to suit how often you use your smart phone, from a fantastic £17 a month (with a £200 upfront cost for the S7, £370 for the S8) through to £49 a month for an incredible 30GB of data a month. 

Samsung Galaxy S8 Phone Deals

The smart phone has been truly reinvented with the slick design of the Samsung Galaxy S8. No longer contained by bezels on the edge of your phone, the Galaxy S8 boasts a huge 5.8-inch dual edge Quad HD infinity display – perfect for gaming or binging your favourite TV show on the go. 

The Samsung Galaxy S8 also boasts: 

  • 12 megapixel Dual Pixel camera and 8 megapixel front facing camera for pin-sharp pictures, even in low lighting 
  • Film in HD video
  • Revolutionary iris scanner and fingerprint scanner providing security you can truly trust
  • Up to 20 hours talk time 
  • 64GB internal storage – never delete a picture or app again
  • Google photos app – store your video and photos securely in The Cloud
  • 64-bit octa-core processor – for smooth and fast functionality 
  • Waterproof and dustproof – accidents will not damage your phone’s performance
  • Comes with Bixby, your virtual personal assistant with voice search function

Samsung Galaxy S7 Phone Deals 

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a gorgeous high-end phone which boasts a smart 12 megapixel camera with instant focus to catch those spontaneous moments in gorgeous quality. 

The Samsung Galaxy S7 also features: 

  • Expandable memory using SD memory card slot by up to 200GB
  • Wireless charging
  • Efficient, fast-charge battery
  • Built for immersive gaming, including intuitive battery which cools itself during play
  • Waterproof – submerged under water by 1.5 metres for 30 minutes will not affect performance 
  • SmartCall App allows you to quickly block and report spam or unwanted calls

Buy a Samsung with The Phone Co-op

Get the latest Samsung phones through an ethical contract with the Phone Co-op. Alongside a phone with up-to-the-minute features, you will also have a contract that is both completely transparent and conscientious.

Samsung phone contracts with The Phone Co-op are completely unique.

  • All of our practices are sustainable 
  • We are proud of our Fair Tax Policy – we follow UK tax law clearly and responsibly, never taking advantage of tax loopholes or so-called ‘tax havens’
  • We offset carbon used by the business through Pure Leapfrog, which supports carbon offsetting programmes in developing countries 
  • We choose telecom providers which fit The Phone Co-op’s ethical consumer standards through our Supply Chain Policy 
  • The Phone Co-op is owned by you – the consumer. Your input is valuable to the way the company is run and grows in the future
  • Transparency – we publish regular reports on our growth, profits and where we invest 
  • Contribute to a better world – your investment in The Phone Co-op is put in our sustainability fund. Last year alone, we invested over half a million pounds into 40 Co-ops and community projects across the UK 
Browse our Samsung Galaxy deals below: