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Family SIM 30GB

Family SIM 30GB
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Family SIM 30GB

From £45 a month for 2 users - save up to £15 a month
(£37.50 excl vat)

With a Phone Co-op family SIM account you can have up to 5 members of the same family or group of friends on the same bill. The more people you add, the more you can save, up to £15 a month. Plus, you have complete control over what your family spends.

Each SIM comes with unlimited minutes and texts and its own data allowance of 30GB - the same as yours. Your first SIM costs the same as a regular bundle, and then each additional SIM you add costs less than the last.

You can move your numbers over from any network and set a spend limit for each SIM.

Each SIM is on a 30 day contract, so you can add or remove SIMs as often as you want.

If you already have a Family SIM deal and want to add a new number to your group, or if you are a current Phone Co-op customer with more than one SIM and want to set up a Family SIM group, please call us on 01608 434 040

  • Up to 30GB of 4G data per user
  • Unlimited minutes to 01, 02, 03 and UK mobile numbers1
  • Unlimited UK texts2
  • Calls, texts and data used within the EU are included in your bundles3
  • 30 day contract for each connection
  • Add or remove numbers whenever you like
  • Keep your numbers – all you need are your PAC codes from your current suppliers and we’ll do the rest
  • View your calls with
  • Cap your bill - set a bill limit for calls not included in your bundles4

The selected bill limit is applied to each SIM, but you can change this to apply to your whole account instead by getting in touch with us. Costs for calls made outside of your bundle can vary. The access charge for calls to 084, 087, 09 and 118 numbers is 21p per minute on the Phone Co-op network. Please check our price lists to see how much you would pay for other calls.

Our bundles are provided pro-rata for the first month of use, and are reset to their full allowance on the 1st of each month. If you sign up to a bundle in the middle of the month, you will only get half the allowance for the remainder of the month and will only be charged half the cost on the following month's bill.

Pricing is valid as at 01 January 2020 and includes VAT at 20%.

You may end your agreement at any time, and close your account or switch your service to a different provider. You can request a PAC number by texting "PAC" to 65075

1,2 Unlimited minutes and texts are for private, personal and non-commercial purposes and may be subject to a Fair Use Policy as described in the Price List. If we reasonably suspect you are not acting in accordance with this policy We reserve the right to impose further charges or disconnect your SIM.

3 Calls, texts and data used while roaming in the EU (and selected other countries) are included in your bundle, or charged as per UK use where bundles have not been applied or have been exhausted. Our service is intended for use mostly within the UK, so if we see that you spend more time abroad than in the UK and use more services abroad than in the UK in any four month period, we may contact you to clarify your residential status.

4 The service charge for calls to 084, 087, 09 and 118 numbers is not included in your bill limit cap, and will be part of your bill.

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