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SIM only - Unlimited mins and text, 30GB

SIM OnlySIM only - Unlimited mins and text, 30GB
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SIM only - Unlimited mins and text, 30GB

£20 per month
(£16.67 excl vat)
A 30 day rolling contract that doesn't tie you down. Unlimited minutes and texts and 30GB of 4G data - with a 99% UK population coverage. The Phone Co-op network uses EE.
  • Unlimited calls to 01, 02, 03 and mobile numbers, and unlimited UK texts
  • Calls and texts used within the EU are also included in your bundle
  • 30 day contract
  • 30GB of internet use
  • 4G mobile internet
  • Keep your number
  • View your calls and bill limits with

Use the Ofcom mobile checker to find out the indoor/outdoor Voice, 3G and 4G coverage in your area.

The access charge for calls to 084, 09 and 118 numbers is 21p per minute on the Phone Co-op. Please check our price lists to see how much you would pay for other calls.

Our bundles are provided pro-rata for the first month of use, and are reset to their full allowance on the 1st of each month. If you sign up to a bundle in the middle of the month, you will only get half the allowance for the remainder of the month and will only be charged half the cost on the following month's bill.

Pricing is valid as at 01 October 2019 and includes VAT at 20%.

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