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Save money with our cracking SIM Only deals

Switch to SIM Only

Choosing a SIM only plan has a number of benefits. It's the perfect choice if you're happy with your current phone and see no reason to change it. Unlimited calls and texts and a choice of data to suit your needs, now from just £11.50 per month.

A great option for saving money on your monthly bill, and enjoying the flexibility of a SIM Only 30-day contract. If you change your mind or want to upgrade to another data plan, you can easily do so. 

This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other offers and is valid until 29.02.20.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SIM Only?

A SIM Only contract is just a SIM card with all the data, minutes and texts you need. If you don't want a new phone, then SIM Only is perfect. You get extra flexibility with our deals because you can join us on a 30-day contract.

Can I keep my number(s) if I switch to you?

Yes. All you need to do is request a PAC (Porting Authorisation Code) from your current supplier. You can do this by texting the word “PAC” to 65075, while on their network. Complete the Transfer your number form on this page and we’ll move your old number over. If you need to transfer more than one number phone, please call 01608 434 040.

Please note that we will need at least 5 working days' notice before your PAC expires to transfer your number to our network.

What network do you use

We are classified as an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) which means  we create our own bundles to make sure you get the best prices. 

We use EE to carry our service.

Can I use my phone while abroad (roaming)?

If you are within the EU (plus Switzerland) then "roam like at home" rules mean that you can use your mobile phone while travelling outside the UK to any EU country and you won't have to pay any additional roaming charges. Bundle allowances include roaming calls and out of bundle costs will be the same as if the call was made in the UK.

If you are travelling outside the UK please contact our customer service team on 01608 434000 to ensure your 'Roaming' facility is active. Please note that as standard we bar international access to avoid excess costs to our customers, so please ensure that you get in touch before travelling.

Exceeding the minutes, texts and data allowance of your bundle will still be charged in the EU as it would be in the UK.

Outside the EU, roaming can be expensive. Most handsets have a setting that will allow you to disable roaming and data roaming, so you can choose whether or not to make and receive calls or use data while abroad. We can also switch roaming off for you if your handset doesn't have the option.

Read our blog article with more information.

Can I keep my phone if I switch to you?

Yes. Any handset can use our service, but you may need to get yours unlocked if it's been provided by another network.

Is your service 4G?

All new connections have access to 4G. If you signed up with us before July 2016 you may need to activate 4G. Depending on how long you have been a customer, you may also need a new SIM card. To request one please call us on 01608 434 000 or 01608 434 070 if you are a business customer.