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Phone Co-op monthly contracts on the Vodafone network

The Phone Co-op offers a range of phone contracts powered by the Vodafone network. 

All of our contracts on the Vodafone network come with unlimited calls and minutes and start at £29 for 3GB of data every month through to £37 for a huge 10GB of data – enough to make sure you can stream to your heart’s content on our 4G network without worrying about data use. 

Phones Available on the Vodafone network via The Phone Co-op

The Phone Co-op offers a wide range of phones on the Vodafone network, including the iPhone 6S, the groundbreaking Samsung Galaxy S8 and S7, the Sony Xperia Xa1 with an incredible 23 megapixel camera, and phones by Motorola and Alcatel. 

When you get a contract on the Vodafone network with The Phone Co-op, you can also become a member of The Phone Co-op and enjoy great benefits like our members offers.

Fairphone 2 – Exclusive to The Phone Co-op on Vodafone

Looking for a phone which is both ethical and long-lasting?

We have a range of Vodafone contracts for the Fairphone 2 

The Fairphone is very similar to many top-of-the-range smartphones, but with a few key differences:

  • The Fairphone is modular – meaning parts can be easily replaced and upgraded, meaning your Fairphone will last much longer than another smartphone
  • Made using conflict-free minerals, where possible, including fairtrade gold.

Fairphone 2 – Features

  • 12 Megapixel camera for incredibly high-quality shots
  • 5 Megapixel front facing camera for candid selfie snaps
  • Runs on Android Marshmallow, with no bloatware 
  • Two SIM slots, so you can use as both your personal and work phone
  • 32GB storage, which can easily be expanded to a huge 64GB with an SD card slot

Our Fairphone Vodafone contracts can be seen below.

Why Choose The Phone Co-op?

The Phone Co-op not only provides a huge range of choice for our members, but you can purchase with confidence knowing you are making an ethical choice.

  • As a co-operative, we prioritise honesty, openness and social responsibility in business
  • This is reflected through our policies, from our supply chain policy which ensures companies we work with do business honestly through to our tax policy, which ensures we always pay tax fairly and transparently
  • The Phone Co-op is owned and run by its members, meaning you have a say on how the business is run, and how it grows in the future
  • We pay the real Living Wage and have an Investors in People accreditation 
  • Our Sustainability fund has invested in over 40 Co-operatives across the country
  • Last year alone, we invested over half a million on community projects and renewable energy projects
  • All of our carbon emissions are offset using Pure Leapfrog, who reinvest funds to finance projects focused on reducing CO2 emissions