General Terms

Terms and conditions for use of this website.

Our terms and conditions of service are available as downloadable pdfs for residential and business customers.

View Residential Terms online.

icon_pdf  Terms and conditions for residential customers

View Business Terms online.

icon_pdf Terms and conditions for business customers.

Internet use

icon_pdf Acceptable Use Policy.

icon_pdf Fair Use Policy.

Fair Use Policy

If you are subscribed to an unlimited package then there is no limit on the amount you can download without any extra charges. If you are subscribed to a limited package then if you exceed your quote then you will incur extra charges.

We have a fair usage policy which is designed to ensure your service is fast and reliable at all times. A very small number of customers use an excessive amount of the network bandwidth at peak times; to the extent it can impair the performance for others. For this reason non-time critical traffic, such as Bittorrent or Peer-to Peer sharing, is monitored and may be controlled.

These services often involve huge files being uploaded and downloaded, which can cause network problems.

If we find that a customer's Internet activities are so excessive that other customers may be detrimentally affected, we may warn this customer and should the levels of activity not immediately decrease after the warning, we may apply speed reduction to the customer's service.

This allows other users a fair share of the available bandwidth.

Domain terms

These are the terms of the various domain registrars, and apply to our domain registration customers.

icon_external_link.gif .uk

icon_pdf .com & .org & .net & .co

icon_external_link.gif .coop

icon_pdf .biz & .info & .tv

icon_external_link.gif ICANN Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy

Our commitments to you

Customer Service Charter

General Code of Practice

Code of Practice for Dispute Resolutions

General Condition 22 - Ofcom's rules on service migrations and line moves

General Condition 23 - Ofcom's rules on the sales and marketing of mobile telephony services



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