Membership Terms and Conditions

As a customer of The Co-operative Phone and Broadband, you have the opportunity to influence the way we're run and take a share of our annual profits by becoming a member.

Becoming a member of a co-operative means becoming part of a group of people who collectively own the organisation and decide how it should be run. Members of The Phone Co-op are entitled to vote at our Annual General Meeting, stand for the board of directors and get a share of our profits in the form of a dividend.

Joining The Phone Co-op couldn't be simpler: just fill in the form and become part of our exciting success story!

We're working hard to create a successful and secure business. However, members should be aware that share capital in a co-operative is risk capital. Ultimately, if things were ever to go wrong for The Phone Co-op, your share capital would be at risk, although you are not liable for any sum beyond what you have invested. More information about investing in The Phone Co-op can be found on our Investing in Us page.

Code of Practice

The Society, unlike banks and building societies, is not subject to prudential supervision by the Financial Conduct Authority. The Phone Co-op abides by a code of practice which requires it to provide a statement to its shareholders of the nature of their investment and any change affecting it.

The position you occupy as a shareholder of The Phone Co-op is no different from that of a shareholder in any other corporate body in the sense that, if The Phone Co-op fails, you may not have all, or any of your investment returned to you.

Your liability, however, does not extend beyond your own investment. Your investment is withdrawable without penalty.

If you have any questions regarding the code, please address them to: The Secretary, The Phone Co-op Limited, 5 Millhouse, Elmsfield Business Centre, Worcester Road, Chipping Norton, Oxon OX7 5XL.


Need help?

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